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Sunday, March 3, 2013

10 Dog Behavior Problems

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Do you have a pet dog at home? But how? If your dog is the type of animals are easily taught and friendly, the attitude is not too difficult for you. But if on the contrary, you seem to have to teach him right away.

Dogs love to dig and bury her beloved objects. It's certainly not a good thing if you have a nice garden at home. Say "No" when they do it and distract him by giving toys.


Especially puppies, love to bite moving objects in the vicinity. This activity actually soothe their feelings. But if left unchecked, can destroy some valuable items at home. Overcome by buying your dog a special toy that can be bitten.

Pleading / begging
When you're eating, do not ever give your dog to eat while you're at the dinner table. In effect, every time you eat, it will continue to be at the table and beg to be given food again. Take your dog to go somewhere else while you eat.

Not coming when called
Praise your dog when he comes to you, whether or not when you call. That way he will understand that "approached his master" is a good thing to do. If you need it, do not just call his name. They will not understand. Say what you want him if you want him to sit down, pick up something, or something else.

Running Help your dog to walk calmly.
The trick, as I was walking around in the afternoon, do not let him "lead" trip by pulling a rope around his neck. When you feel the rope is strong, stop. Later it will also stop to see why you quit.

Sad love
If your dog looks sad when you want to go (without him), tell him that you'll be home soon. Do not immediately leave your pet dog too long. Leave it in a gradual, starting from the first 5-10 minutes. Leave the TV or radio on so he does not necessarily feel lonely.

When your dog whines, do not ignore it. Stroked her body, her face, and tell him to stop whining. If he's still whining, fold your hands and looking the other way, or just leave the room. Back to playing with your dog if he is not whining anymore.

Barking at the door
Forward this habit by teaching new habits. For example, lying or sitting in an area not far from the door. It was enough to help the dog to remain calm. Yap is also synonymous with frustration. Do not scold your dog, it will only make it worse. If possible, consult a dog trainer to resolve this.

Actually there is a dog's natural greet someone with a jump. But the habit can be very intimidating the guests who are not familiar with the dog close. To reduce this habit, ignore it when he jumps to you. After he put his front legs on the ground, welcome her with caresses and tell him to sit down. It helped him learn to control his passion.

Some dogs will bite if they feel threatened. Therefore, your dog get used to being in the crowd so close he could feel comfortable with crowds. If you have a dog like this, be careful when nearby many children or food.